support Directory Reference


file  Atom.h [code]
 Basic reference-counting classes, and smart pointer templates for working with them.
file  atomic.h [code]
 Utilities for atomic integer operations.
file  Autobinder.h [code]
 Binder automated marshalling code.
file  Autolock.h [code]
 Stack-based automatic locking.
file  Binder.h [code]
 Basic functionality of all Binder objects.
file  Bitfield.h [code]
 A nice Bitfield class that provides some inline storage.
file  BitstreamReader.h [code]
file  Buffer.h [code]
file  BufferChain.h [code]
file  BufferIO.h [code]
 Perform buffering on a byte stream.
file  ByteOrder.h [code]
 Definitions and routines for managing byte order differences.
file  ByteStream.h [code]
 A BByteStream converts byte stream operations in to IStorage operations.
file  CallStack.h [code]
 Debugging tools for retrieving stack crawls.
file  Catalog.h [code]
 Helpers for implementing ICatalog and its associated interfaces.
file  CatalogMirror.h [code]
 Create a new catalog entry based on modifications to an existing one.
file  ConditionVariable.h [code]
 Lightweight condition variable synchronization class.
file  Context.h [code]
 Global context that a Binder object runs in.
file  Datum.h [code]
 Convenience for calling the IDatum interface.
file  DatumLord.h [code]
 Generates IDatum objects on demand.
file  Debug.h [code]
 Common debugging routines, macros, and definitions.
file  Errors.h [code]
 Common error codes (renaming from CmnError.h).
file  EventFlag.h [code]
 Event flag synchronization primitive.
file  Flattenable.h [code]
 Abstract interface for an object that can be flattened into a byte buffer.
file  GenericCache.h [code]
 Helper class for implementing RAM-based caches.
file  Handler.h [code]
 High-level thread dispatching/scheduling class.
file  HashTable.h [code]
 Hash table template class.
file  IBinder.h [code]
 Abstract interface to a Binder object.
file  IByteStream.h [code]
 Raw byte stream (read, write, seek) interfaces.
file  IHandler.h [code]
file  IInterface.h [code]
 Common base class for abstract binderized interfaces.
file  IMemory.h [code]
 Binder-based shared memory interfaces.
file  InstantiateComponent.h [code]
 API to package executables that contain components.
file  IOSStream.h [code]
 Byte stream to an IOS device.
file  IStorage.h [code]
 Random-access interface to a block of raw data.
file  Iterator.h [code]
file  ITextStream.h [code]
 Abstract interface for a formatted text output stream, with C++ iostream-like operators.
file  KernelStreams.h [code]
 Byte stream to a file descriptor (not supported on Palm OS).
file  KeyedVector.h [code]
 A templatized key/value mapping.
file  KeyID.h [code]
 Class representing a KeyID, used to marshall and unmarshall KeyIDs across Binder interfaces and to send through IPC.
file  List.h [code]
 A list container class.
file  Locker.h [code]
 Lightweight mutex class.
file  Looper.h [code]
 The Binder's per-thread state and utilities.
file  Memory.h [code]
 Simple implementation of IMemoryHeap.
file  MemoryStore.h [code]
 IStorage implementations for physical memory.
file  Message.h [code]
 Data object that is processed by SHandler.
file  MessageCodes.h [code]
 Common message code constants.
file  MessageList.h [code]
 List of SMessage objects, to implement message queues.
file  Node.h [code]
 Helper class for calling the INode interface.
file  NullStreams.h [code]
 Byte streams that do nothing.
file  Observer.h [code]
 Generic target of Binder links.
file  Package.h [code]
 Interface to an executable image representing a Binder package.
file  Parcel.h [code]
 Container for a raw block of data that can be transfered through IPC.
file  Pipe.h [code]
 Pipe-like implementation of byte input and output streams.
file  Process.h [code]
 Implementation of the IProcess interface for the local process.
file  RegExp.h [code]
 Regular expression processing classes.
file  Selector.h [code]
 Select something with the Binder!
file  SharedBuffer.h [code]
 Standard representation of a block of shared data that supports copy-on-write.
file  SignalHandler.h [code]
file  SortedVector.h [code]
 An SAbstractVector whose types are kept in a consistent order.
file  StaticValue.h [code]
 Optimized representations of static SValue constants.
file  StdIO.h [code]
 Binder-based standard IO streams.
file  StopWatch.h [code]
 Debugging tool for measuring time.
file  String.h [code]
 Unicode (UTF-8) string class.
file  StringIO.h [code]
 Binder IO stream for creating C strings.
file  StringTokenizer.h [code]
 Helper for parsing strings.
file  support/StringUtils.h [code]
 Additional string utilities.
file  SupportBuild.h [code]
 Build declarations for support framework.
file  SupportDefs.h [code]
 Common Support Kit definitions.
file  SwappedValue.h [code]
 Add data to a value that is tagged with endianness and pull it out and know if you need to swap.
file  TextCoder.h [code]
 Helper classes for converting to and from native UTF-8 text encoding.
file  TextStream.h [code]
 Implementation of ITextOutput and ITextInput on top of byte streams.
file  Thread.h [code]
 Object-oriented thread creation.
file  TLS.h [code]
file  TokenSource.h [code]
 Binder-based access control.
file  TypeConstants.h [code]
 Format and standard definitions of SValue type codes.
file  TypeFuncs.h [code]
 Templatized functions for various common type operations.
file  URL.h [code]
 URL manipulation helper class.
file  Value.h [code]
 A general-purpose data container.
file  Vector.h [code]
 Simple array-like container class.
file  VectorIO.h [code]
 A specialized vector for storing an iovec array.