SMessage Class Reference
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#include <support/Message.h>

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Detailed Description

Data object that is processed by SHandler.

Public Member Functions

SValue AsValue () const
SValueData ()
const SValueData () const
void Join (const SValue &from, uint32_t flags=0)
void JoinItem (const SValue &key, const SValue &value, uint32_t flags=0)
 operator SValue () const
SMessageoperator= (const SMessage &)
const SValueoperator[] (const char *key) const
const SValueoperator[] (const SValue &key) const
status_t PrintToStream (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io, uint32_t flags=0) const
int32_t Priority () const
void SetData (const SValue &data)
void SetPriority (int32_t val)
void SetWhat (uint32_t val)
void SetWhen (nsecs_t val)
 SMessage (const SValue &)
 SMessage (const SMessage &)
 SMessage (uint32_t what, int32_t priority)
 SMessage (uint32_t what)
 SMessage ()
const SValueValueFor (const char *key) const
const SValueValueFor (const SValue &key) const
uint32_t What () const
nsecs_t When () const
 ~SMessage ()


class SMessageList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SMessage  ) 

SMessage uint32_t  what  ) 

SMessage uint32_t  what,
int32_t  priority

SMessage const SMessage  ) 

SMessage const SValue  ) 

~SMessage  ) 

Member Function Documentation

SValue AsValue  )  const

SValue & Data  )  [inline]

const SValue & Data  )  const [inline]

void Join const SValue from,
uint32_t  flags = 0

void JoinItem const SValue key,
const SValue value,
uint32_t  flags = 0

operator SValue  )  const [inline]

SMessage & operator= const SMessage  ) 

const SValue& operator[] const char *  key  )  const [inline]

const SValue& operator[] const SValue key  )  const [inline]

status_t PrintToStream const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io,
uint32_t  flags = 0

int32_t Priority  )  const [inline]

void SetData const SValue data  )  [inline]

void SetPriority int32_t  val  )  [inline]

void SetWhat uint32_t  val  )  [inline]

void SetWhen nsecs_t  val  )  [inline]

const SValue & ValueFor const char *  key  )  const [inline]

const SValue & ValueFor const SValue key  )  const [inline]

uint32_t What  )  const [inline]

nsecs_t When  )  const [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SMessageList [friend]

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