BPackageManager::Data Class Reference

#include <package_p/PackageManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void add_package_l (const sptr< BPackageManager::Package > &package)
 Data ()
sptr< BPackageManager::Packageremove_package_l (const SValue &key)

Public Attributes

SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<
BPackageManager::Component > > 
SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<
BPackageManager::Component > > 
SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<
BPackageManager::Component > > 
SLocker lock
SVector< sptr< BPackageManager::Package > > packages
SKeyedVector< sptr< IBinder >,
sptr< Query > > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Data  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void add_package_l const sptr< BPackageManager::Package > &  package  ) 

sptr< BPackageManager::Package > remove_package_l const SValue key  ) 

Member Data Documentation

SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<BPackageManager::Component> > addons

SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<BPackageManager::Component> > applications

SKeyedVector< SString, sptr<BPackageManager::Component> > components

SLocker lock

SVector< sptr<BPackageManager::Package> > packages

SKeyedVector<sptr<IBinder>, sptr<Query> > queries

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