BPackageManager Class Reference

#include <package_p/PackageManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for BPackageManager:

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Public Member Functions

status_t AddQuery (const SString &dirName, const SString &property)
 BPackageManager (const SContext &context)
virtual void InitAtom ()
 Called the first time a strong reference is acquired. All significant object initialization should go here.
uint32_t NextDatabaseID ()
void Start (bool verbose=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static SValue ManifestForPackageFile (const SString &packageFile)
static SValue ManifestForPackageFolder (const SString &packageFolder)
static void PackFolderToPackageFile (const SString &folder, const SString &packageFile)
static void UnpackPackageFileToFolder (const SString &packageFile, const SString &folder)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~BPackageManager ()


class  Component
class  Data
class  Package
class  Query

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BPackageManager const SContext context  ) 

~BPackageManager  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

status_t AddQuery const SString dirName,
const SString property

void InitAtom  )  [virtual]

Called the first time a strong reference is acquired. All significant object initialization should go here.

You can override it and do any setup you need. Note that you do not need to call the SAtom implementation. (So you can derive from two different SAtom implementations and safely call down to both of their IncStrong() methods.)

See also:

Reimplemented from BCatalog.

SValue ManifestForPackageFile const SString packageFile  )  [static]

SValue ManifestForPackageFolder const SString packageFolder  )  [static]

uint32_t NextDatabaseID  ) 

void PackFolderToPackageFile const SString folder,
const SString packageFile

void Start bool  verbose = false  ) 

void UnpackPackageFileToFolder const SString packageFile,
const SString folder

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