BPackageManager::Package Class Reference

#include <package_p/PackageManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for BPackageManager::Package:

SAtom List of all members.

Public Member Functions

ssize_t AddComponent (const sptr< Component > &component)
const sptr< Component > & ComponentAt (size_t index) const
size_t CountComponents () const
uint32_t DbID () const
SString Name () const
 Package (const SString &path, const SString &name)
SString Path () const
void RemoveComponentAt (size_t index)
void SetDbID (uint32_t dbid)
 ~Package ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Package const SString path,
const SString name

~Package  ) 

Member Function Documentation

ssize_t AddComponent const sptr< Component > &  component  ) 

const sptr< BPackageManager::Component > & ComponentAt size_t  index  )  const

size_t CountComponents  )  const

uint32_t DbID  )  const

SString Name  )  const

SString Path  )  const

void RemoveComponentAt size_t  index  ) 

void SetDbID uint32_t  dbid  ) 

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