august 22, 2008: temper 1.3.2 released

download -- release notes

This release is primarily about additional polish on MIDI editing, standardizing time sync (via the Pulse and Sync shapes, described in the new Shapes Appendix in the docs), and providing consistency to event selection and the default shape controls.

Explore some of the new sync info with docs describing the Pulse Stepper and Sync Stepper shapes, then find creative places to use them -- A good starting point is the Arpeggiator FX.

Also, for fun, you can now use a shape to shade the background of FX in the pipeline. A quick explanation is in the Setup->Appearance guide.

july 25, 2008: temper 1.3.1 released

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This is a quick release intended primarily to address a potential hang during MIDI editing. In addition, there's been some work done on the main pipeline UI that hopefully makes it more attractive and easier to use, and as a side benefit now provides metering on the full signal path.

july 17, 2008: temper 1.3 released

download -- release notes

This release sees the introduction of three important technologies:

In addition, there a large number of fixes and improvements detailed in the release notes. We'd also like to call your attention to the Temperary, which has been updated with some interesting new tricks.

february 1, 2008: temper 1.2.1 released

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The emphasis for this release has been fixing and polishing. Temper can now act as a sync master to slave apps like Live and Reaper. The group operations have been expanded to include time shifting, for easy stretching, groove quantizing, and other operations.

december 11, 2007: temper 1.2 released

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This release focuses on two new additions: Note decor is a powerful new feature that allows you to do a variety of controller effects, by attaching shapes to notes you generate controllers locked to the current note information. Drag the notes around and the controllers follow. Stack notes and you can create complex rhythmic landscapes. See the docs here.

We've also added new direct shaping controls that appear when you have multiple notes or controllers selected. No more going through tools, the workflow is now a bit faster. Along with this we've formalized the complete Shapify->shaping lifestyle: This means you can turn any phrase into a shape based on time, velocity, pitch or value information, then impose this shape on any parameter of any other phrase. See the docs here.

november 17, 2007: temper 1.1.2 released

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This is an important update with a fix to sampling rate issues that were causing a variety of issues (buzzing, silence) with certain combinations of audio interfaces and VSTs.

New doc:
intro to shapes and the echo FX

november 14, 2007: temper 1.1.1 released

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This small update is just a little tribute to one of our favourite synths, Zebra 2. We've added the ability to write out Zebra 2 OSC files based on Temper shapes. See the tutorial here.

november 13, 2007: temper 1.1 released

download -- release notes

New docs:
using the shape view
performance time
groove quantizing
shapes and the change value FX
the VST FX