SCallStack Class Reference
[Utility Classes and Functions]

#include <support/CallStack.h>

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Detailed Description

Create a stack crawl from the current PC.

Public Member Functions

intptr_t AddressAt (int32_t level) const
SValue AsValue () const
int32_t Compare (const SCallStack &o) const
void LongPrint (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io, b_demangle_func demangler=NULL) const
bool operator!= (const SCallStack &o) const
bool operator< (const SCallStack &o) const
bool operator<= (const SCallStack &o) const
SCallStackoperator= (const SCallStack &o)
bool operator== (const SCallStack &o) const
bool operator> (const SCallStack &o) const
bool operator>= (const SCallStack &o) const
void Print (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io) const
 SCallStack (const SValue &value)
 SCallStack (const SCallStack &o)
 SCallStack ()
void SPrint (char *buffer) const
void Update (int32_t ignoreDepth=0, int32_t maxDepth=B_CALLSTACK_DEPTH)
virtual ~SCallStack ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SCallStack  ) 

SCallStack const SCallStack o  ) 

SCallStack const SValue value  ) 

virtual ~SCallStack  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

intptr_t AddressAt int32_t  level  )  const

SValue AsValue  )  const

int32_t Compare const SCallStack o  )  const

void LongPrint const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io,
b_demangle_func  demangler = NULL

bool operator!= const SCallStack o  )  const [inline]

bool operator< const SCallStack o  )  const [inline]

bool operator<= const SCallStack o  )  const [inline]

SCallStack& operator= const SCallStack o  ) 

bool operator== const SCallStack o  )  const

bool operator> const SCallStack o  )  const [inline]

bool operator>= const SCallStack o  )  const [inline]

void Print const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io  )  const

void SPrint char *  buffer  )  const

void Update int32_t  ignoreDepth = 0,
int32_t  maxDepth = B_CALLSTACK_DEPTH

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