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#include <services/IInformant.h>

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Detailed Description

Convenience method for receiving callbacks from IInformant.

The OnInform() method included here has the method signature that IInformant using when broadcasting notifications back to its client. This interface provides a convenient way to create a target for receiving notifications from the informant, though the informant itself does not require that you use it.

When using this interface, you will need to supply SValue::String("OnInform") for your method on IInformant::RegisterForCallback() and IInformant::RegisterForCreation(), and SValue::String("org.openbinder.services.IInformed") for inspect on IInformant::RegisterForCreation().

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Public Member Functions

status_t LinkInformed (const sptr< IBinder > &to, const SValue &mappings, uint32_t flags=0)
virtual void OnInform (const SValue &information, const SValue &cookie, const SValue &key)=0
 Standard callback function from IInformant.
status_t UnlinkInformed (const sptr< IBinder > &to, const SValue &mappings, uint32_t flags=0)

Protected Member Functions

 IInformed ()
virtual ~IInformed ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IInformed  )  [inline, protected]

virtual ~IInformed  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

status_t LinkInformed const sptr< IBinder > &  to,
const SValue mappings,
uint32_t  flags = 0

virtual void OnInform const SValue information,
const SValue cookie,
const SValue key
[pure virtual]

Standard callback function from IInformant.

[in] information The information value given to IInformant::Inform().
[in] cookie The cookie given when this object was registered.
[in] key The kind of notification being sent.
This is the method signature that the informant calls when broadcasting notifications. Implement it to receive the notification(s) you have registered for.

status_t UnlinkInformed const sptr< IBinder > &  to,
const SValue mappings,
uint32_t  flags = 0

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