DebugLockNode Class Reference

#include <support_p/DebugLock.h>

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Public Member Functions

const void * Addr () const
bool AddToGraph ()
int32_t BlockCount () const
const SCallStackCreationStack () const
nsecs_t CreationTime () const
 DebugLockNode (const char *type, const void *addr, const char *name, uint32_t debug_flags=0)
int32_t DecRefs () const
virtual void Delete ()
uint32_t GlobalFlags () const
int32_t IncRefs () const
const block_links * Links () const
bool LockGraph () const
int32_t MaxContention () const
const char * Name () const
virtual void PrintStacksToStream (sptr< ITextOutput > &io) const
virtual void PrintToStream (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io) const
void RegisterAsHeld ()
void RemoveFromBlockCount ()
void RemoveFromContention ()
void SetMaxContention (int32_t c)
const char * Type () const
void UnlockGraph () const
void UnregisterAsHeld ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void PrintContentionToStream (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void PrintSubclassToStream (const sptr< ITextOutput > &io) const
virtual ~DebugLockNode ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DebugLockNode const char *  type,
const void *  addr,
const char *  name,
uint32_t  debug_flags = 0

virtual ~DebugLockNode  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const void* Addr  )  const

bool AddToGraph  ) 

int32_t BlockCount  )  const

const SCallStack* CreationStack  )  const

nsecs_t CreationTime  )  const

int32_t DecRefs  )  const

virtual void Delete  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in DebugLock.

uint32_t GlobalFlags  )  const

int32_t IncRefs  )  const

const block_links* Links  )  const [inline]

bool LockGraph  )  const

int32_t MaxContention  )  const

const char* Name  )  const

static void PrintContentionToStream const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io  )  [static]

virtual void PrintStacksToStream sptr< ITextOutput > &  io  )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented in DebugLock.

virtual void PrintSubclassToStream const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io  )  const [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in DebugLock.

virtual void PrintToStream const sptr< ITextOutput > &  io  )  const [virtual]

void RegisterAsHeld  ) 

void RemoveFromBlockCount  ) 

void RemoveFromContention  ) 

void SetMaxContention int32_t  c  ) 

const char* Type  )  const

void UnlockGraph  )  const

void UnregisterAsHeld  ) 

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