BSchemaTableNode::CustomColumn Class Reference

#include <dmprovider/SchemaTableNode.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for implementing custom column data in BSchemaTableNode.

Derive from this class and implement its virtuals, then add an instance to the table with BSchemaTableNode::AddCustomColumn().

Column Management

Attach/detach from table.

status_t AttachColumn (const SString &name, const char **baseColumnNames=NULL)
 Attach this custom data to a column name in the table.
status_t DetachColumn (const SString &name)
 Detach this custom column from the table.


Creation, destruction.

 CustomColumn (const sptr< BSchemaTableNode > &table)
const sptr< BSchemaTableNode > & Table () const
virtual ~CustomColumn ()

Data Computation

Bind to columns, retrieve column data.

virtual status_t SetValueLocked (uint32_t columnOrRowID, const SValue &inValue, SValue *inoutRealValues)
virtual SValue ValueLocked (uint32_t columnOrRowID, const SValue *baseValues, const size_t *columnsToValues) const =0
 Retrieve data for this column.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CustomColumn const sptr< BSchemaTableNode > &  table  ) 

~CustomColumn  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

status_t AttachColumn const SString name,
const char **  baseColumnNames = NULL

Attach this custom data to a column name in the table.

status_t DetachColumn const SString name  ) 

Detach this custom column from the table.

status_t SetValueLocked uint32_t  columnOrRowID,
const SValue inValue,
SValue inoutRealValues

const sptr<BSchemaTableNode>& Table  )  const [inline]

virtual SValue ValueLocked uint32_t  columnOrRowID,
const SValue baseValues,
const size_t *  columnsToValues
const [pure virtual]

Retrieve data for this column.

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