DebugMgr.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Low-level Debug Manager functions. See ErrorMgr.h for common debug macros.

#include <PalmTypes.h>
#include <stdarg.h>

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Boolean DbgIsPresent (void)
status_t DbgLookupSymbol (const void *addr, int32_t maxLen, char *outSymbol, void **outAddr)
void DbgRestartMallocProfiling (void)
void DbgSetMallocProfiling (Boolean enabled, int32_t dumpPeriod, int32_t maxItems, int32_t stackDepth)
status_t DbgUnmangleSymbol (char *symbol, int32_t maxLen, char *outName)
int32_t DbgWalkStack (int32_t ignoreDepth, int32_t maxResults, void **outAddresses)

Function Documentation

Boolean DbgIsPresent void   ) 

status_t DbgLookupSymbol const void *  addr,
int32_t  maxLen,
char *  outSymbol,
void **  outAddr

void DbgRestartMallocProfiling void   ) 

void DbgSetMallocProfiling Boolean  enabled,
int32_t  dumpPeriod,
int32_t  maxItems,
int32_t  stackDepth

status_t DbgUnmangleSymbol char *  symbol,
int32_t  maxLen,
char *  outName

int32_t DbgWalkStack int32_t  ignoreDepth,
int32_t  maxResults,
void **  outAddresses