VnodeType Struct Reference

#include <storage/vnode.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LIST_ENTRY (VnodeType) v_mountList
 LIST_ENTRY (VnodeType) v_dirtyList

Public Attributes

BufferCacheList v_cleanListHead
BufferCacheList v_dirtyListHead
uint16_t v_flag
void * v_mount
uint32_t v_numBuffers
const vnode_opsv_op
uint32_t v_refCount
uint8_t v_tag
uint8_t v_type
union {
   void *   data
   InodeType *   inodeP

Member Function Documentation

LIST_ENTRY VnodeType   ) 

LIST_ENTRY VnodeType   ) 

Member Data Documentation

void* data

struct InodeType* inodeP

struct BufferCacheList v_cleanListHead

struct BufferCacheList v_dirtyListHead

uint16_t v_flag

void* v_mount

uint32_t v_numBuffers

const vnode_ops* v_op

uint32_t v_refCount

uint8_t v_tag

uint8_t v_type

union { ... } v_union

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