[Core Palm OS APIs]

Detailed Description

Basic system support for working with threads.

Included here are APIs for creating and managing threads, using thread-specific data, synchronization between threads, fast atomic operations between threads, and timing services.

Be sure to see the event manager for some higher-level services, including IPC.


file  SysThread.h
 Basic APIs for working with threads.


typedef uint16_t timeoutFlags_t
 a combination of timeoutFlagsEnum_t and timebase_t flags


enum  {
  sysThreadPriorityLowered = 100, sysThreadPriorityNormal = 80, sysThreadPriorityBestApp = 80, sysThreadPriorityRaised = 70,
  sysThreadPriorityTransaction = 65, sysThreadPriorityDisplay = 60, sysThreadPriorityUrgentDisplay = 50, sysThreadPriorityRealTime = 40,
  sysThreadPriorityBestUser = 30, sysThreadPriorityBestSystem = 5, sysThreadPriorityLow = sysThreadPriorityLowered, sysThreadPriorityHigh = sysThreadPriorityRealTime
 Standard thread priority levels. More...
enum  { sysThreadStackBasic = 4*1024, sysThreadStackUI = 8*1024 }
 Standard thread stack sizes. More...
enum  timeoutFlagsEnum_t { B_WAIT_FOREVER = 0x0000, B_POLL = 0x0300, B_RELATIVE_TIMEOUT = 0x0100, B_ABSOLUTE_TIMEOUT = 0x0200 }
 Timeout flags. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint16_t timeoutFlags_t

a combination of timeoutFlagsEnum_t and timebase_t flags

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Standard thread priority levels.

ALWAYS use these constants unless you have a very, very good reason to use a special value.

sysThreadPriorityLowered  Background processing or CPU hogs.
sysThreadPriorityNormal  Default priority for event handling.
sysThreadPriorityBestApp  Highest priority for application process and any thread created by it.
sysThreadPriorityRaised  Increased priority for user operations.
sysThreadPriorityTransaction  UI transactions.
sysThreadPriorityDisplay  Drawing to screen.
sysThreadPriorityUrgentDisplay  Event collection and dispatching.
sysThreadPriorityRealTime  Time critical such as audio.
sysThreadPriorityBestUser  Highest priority for user programs.
sysThreadPriorityBestSystem  Highest priority for system programs.
sysThreadPriorityLow  Deprecated. Use sysThreadPriorityLowered instead.
sysThreadPriorityHigh  Deprecated. Use sysThreadPriorityRealTime instead.

anonymous enum

Standard thread stack sizes.

sysThreadStackBasic  Minimum stack size for basic stuff.
sysThreadStackUI  Minimum stack size for threads that do UI.

enum timeoutFlagsEnum_t

Timeout flags.