SNestedLocker Class Reference
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#include <support/Locker.h>

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Detailed Description

A version of SLocker that allows nesting of Lock() calls.

If you find yourself needing to use this, it is probably because you are not being careful enough with your locking. In general you should avoid this class; using it is usually the cliff after which locking becomes completely uncontrollable.

Public Member Functions

lock_status_t Lock ()
void LockQuick ()
int32_t NestingLevel () const
 SNestedLocker (const char *name)
 SNestedLocker ()
void Unlock ()
void Yield ()
 ~SNestedLocker ()


class  Autolock

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SNestedLocker  ) 

SNestedLocker const char *  name  ) 

~SNestedLocker  ) 

Member Function Documentation

lock_status_t Lock  ) 

void LockQuick  ) 

int32_t NestingLevel  )  const

Return the number of levels that this thread has nested the lock; if the caller isn't holding the lock, 0 is returned.

void Unlock  ) 

void Yield  ) 

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