"Nowhere Near Normals" BDSM Munch

in Corvallis, Oregon

(And General Perversions)

Organized by the Corvallis BDSM community
and Oregon State University's Evangelical Perv Association

Vital Stats

J.C.'s Pizzaria; 300 S.W. Jefferson Ave., upstairs at the table with the black balloon.
(The munch is not affiliated with J.C.'s in any way, beyond using the restaurant as a place to meet.)
Every Tuesday evening, approximately 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
Anyone is welcome to drop by, or send email to Dianne Hackborn ( or Gary Ringenwald (
Mailing list:
There is a mailing list available for the munch; it is also the way to find out about other social events taking place in the area, and even have an occasional thought-provoking discussion. For more information, please take a look at Gary's page on the BDSM mailing list, located at <>.

About The Munch

The munch is intended to provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in which people may talk about BDSM and other "alternative" sexualities, and a place to meet other locals who are involved in the BDSM scene. It is held by the local Corvallis BDSM community, and also serves as a regular meeting for Oregon State University's Evangelical Perv Assocation.

We try to be an open and low-pressure environment, in which people can get together to chat about whatever is on their mind, find out who else is out there, show off their toys, and complain about how boring Corvallis is. The group is pan-sexual and pan-scholastic (included amoung our regular attendees are gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, straights, undergraduate and graduate students, and non-students), and open to anyone who is curious or interested.

Please note that the munch is not intended to be a play party, a place to do major public play, or any kind of a dating service; we are more a low-key environment in which to meet others with similar interests and discuss topics which are otherwise difficult for many people to talk about.

Also available is a cheesy ASCII map with directions to J.C.'s Pizzaria, and a pointer to some other useful maps of the Corvallis area. Or you can look at some of the old munch announcements:

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