Topics: Routing

This example provides a walkthrough of adding a global FX unit, for example, processing your entire song with a single reverb.

Let's start by opening a blank song, deleting any tracks except the main buss track, and placing down a track for the instrument we want to use (Tracks->Add MIDI Track->). We'll be using u-he's Zebra2, but any VST instrument is fine.

There's only one decision to make: do you want the FX to be part of the final recording, or do you want the audio recorded without the FX (for example, perhaps you are just compensating for a poor listening environment)? In either case, we'll be placing the new FX on the main buss track. For the first case, we'll place it before the phrases, for the second case, after.

In this example we'll assume you want the FX as part of the recording. All we do is insert the FX between the desired track's input and phrases area by right-clicking on the correct pin (shown yellow, below) and choosing the desired FX from the menu.

The result is a new VST running on the main buss track, processing all audio in your song before any of it gets recorded into the phrases area. Any additional tracks added will be routed through the main buss, processing them as well.