This is one of my plum trees (there are two in my yard) when it is blooming in the spring.

The other plum tree, with fruit beginning to ripen.

A close up of a branch with ripening plums.

Fresh picked plums, ready to take to work in the morning. Yum!

My nectarine tree, with fruit about ready to pick.

Looking the other direction, this is my peach tree.

A closer picture of the nectarines.

Fresh picked peach!

When I moved into my house, one of the first things I did was plant (from left to right) blackberries, raspberries, and grapes.

The same blackberry, raspberry, and grape plants after a couple years. Time to prune!

My plum tree this year (2005) has been going totally...



I was picking bowls (or sometimes a grocery bag full) of plums like this every day for a couple weeks.

Blackberries beginning to ripen. The trick is figuring out just the right time to pick them, so they are no longer tart but haven't become over-ripe.

For 2005, I am growing four kinds of basil. Fresh herb pasta, using just fresh basil, oregeno, and other herbs in olive oil is wonderful.

An artichoke about ready to be picked. (Please ignore the aphids. Argh!)

One year after planting this blueberry bush (the variety is called Chandler), I am getting a lot of very large and tasty berries.

A handful of blueberries, about to be eaten. Mmmmm...

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