Yet More Corky and Violet

One of Violet's favorite positions in bed, lying on my hip when I am on my side.

A perfect place to sleep.

This is the top of a bookcase, where I kept a bunch of stuffed animals. Violet liked to get up there with them and blend in!

More Violet silliness. When I got my first LCD monitor, she was fascinated by the cursor moving around on the screen.

When I lived in an apartment, I used to grow grass indoors indoors for the cats.

The tongue means, "thanks mom, this is really good." Or maybe she just forgot she had her tongue hanging out.

Yay, catnip!

Aren't you jealous???

Caught in the act of catnip use.

Violet isn't innocent, either.

Violet on the prowl.

If Corky knew I put this picture up on the web, she'd never let me pet her again.

A lazy Sunday afternoon...

Off to patrol the yard some more.

The raspberry bushes are also a good place to lay down for a bit.

And cucumber vines are fun!

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