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Alaska Trip: Plants

This is a plant called "devil's club" that was all through the forests. The thorns extend all up through the underside of the leaves. We were warned to be very careful around it, because the thorns can easily stick through clothing into skin, break off, and get embedded there.

An example of just how much moss there is.

Close-up of a decaying tree trunk with moss growing on it.

Another kind of moss.

Moss, moss, everywhere!

This is a rubbing tree used by a lot of different bears to mark that they have passed through there.

What a nice head of moss you have!

Water lillies in a bog pond.

Bog blueberries, one of the berries that the bears feed on. We got to eat these as well, as we came across them on the hikes.

This is an example of new plants growing on the decaying wood of an old tree, where in the bog it is hard to get established on the layers of moss that make up the ground.

This is a small insect eating plant that grows on the ground in the bog. Its leaves are sticky, so bugs get stuck to it and it feeds off of them.

A mushroom growing on the forest ground.

Another mushroom.

A whole patch of mushrooms, in various stages of development and decay.

One more mushroom.

This is an algae growing on a tree. The brown dots (most on the top-left) are a fungus that grows on the algae. The spores of the fungus will carry with them bits of the algae, helping it propagate.

Lots of sprouting plants.

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