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Alaska Pictures

These are pictures taken during a Alaskan cruise I took with my family for a week at the end of August 2005. The cruise was run by Lindblad Expeditions, and everyone running it (the captain and crew, chef and servers, naturalists, and others) were just fantastic.


We saw many glaciers, which means lots and lots of ice. The trip was in the summer, so the air temperature where we were was above freezing. The glaciers come down from the north, and melt in the south forming fresh water streams and rivers.


We had a lot of amazing encounters with wildlife, including bears, humpback whales, and killer whales. The crew of the ship told us their motto was "we brake for anything", it was true -- if anything interesting was noticed, they would stop the ship to get as good and long a look as possible.


There were a number of opportunities to go on hikes through the old-growth forests, bogs, and other areas. Having the naturalists on the trip made these hike signicantly more interesting, as they interpreted and explained the ecosystem of these forests.


These are more close-up pictures of various plants that we saw while hiking through the forests and bogs.


Let's see, we have lots of rain, glaciers, and mountains. I'll bet there will be some waterfalls! And indeed there are.

Places and Things

Various pictures of towns, the ship, and other stuff. Including lots and lots of water.


These are broader pictures of the overall landscapes we saw. Most of them were taken while on board the ship, often while we were in the middle of going from a previous destination to the next one.

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