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Dianne's Pictures

My Cats

I have two cats, Corky and Violet, who are sisters that I got from a shelter while living in Illinois. Like any good cat owner, my life does indeed revolve around my cats, so of course I have lots of pictures of them. I'll only inflict a few upon you.

More Cats!

You may think this is excessive, but that is only because you haven't seen the number of pictures of my cats that are sitting on my hard drive...

My Garden

I moved into a real house -- with a real yard -- a couple years ago, after living in appartments for many years. I've always loved fruit, and was thrilled to have a yard, especially one that already had a bunch of fruit trees in it. These are pictures of all of the (mostly edible) things I have been growing.

Alaska Trip (2005)

At the end of August 2005, my family (my brother, myself, and our parents) went on our first "family vacation" of many years. This was week long cruise in south-eastern Alaska. Unlike many cruises, our boat was fairly small (holding about 60 + crew). We got to go on a number of hikes in the forests by taking smaller zodiac boats to shore, and get close to glaciers and various wildlife we encountered.

The Hackborn Park

The house where grew up was on a 2 1/2 acre lot, most of which was originally a horse pasture. Over time more and more of the lot was subsumed into the landscaping of the house itself. These are pictures of the yard right before my parents sold it.

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