Version 1.0

OpenBinder is a system-level component architecture, designed to provide a richer high-level abstraction on top of traditional modern operating system services. The current implementation runs on Linux, but the code has run on a diverse variety of platforms, including BeOS, Windows, and PalmOS Cobalt.

To get started as quickly as possible, you can jump immediately to the Quick Start section.

See Binder Overview if you just want to know what this Binder thing is.

Getting Started

This is basic information about the OpenBinder distribution and how to use it.

Programming Introduction

These pages provide an overview of the Binder and its capabilities.

Programming Guide

The Binder architecture is divided into a number of separate subsystems, generally building on top of each other. Note that this documentation is divided into a set of "kits" that is cleaner than how the current source tree is organized.

See Support Kit Reference for a detailed listing of the Binder and related APIs.