SGenericCache Member List

This is the complete list of members for SGenericCache, including all inherited members.

AbstractAdd(const void *key, const void *data, int32_t flags)SAbstractCache [private]
AbstractLookup(const void *key, int32_t flags) const SAbstractCache [private]
AbstractRemove(const void *key)SAbstractCache [private]
Add(const KEY &key, const TYPE &data, int32_t flags=0)SGenericCache [inline]
Dump(const sptr< ITextOutput > &io) const SGenericCache [inline]
Lookup(const KEY &key, int32_t flags=0) const SGenericCache [inline]
Remove(const KEY &key)SGenericCache [inline]
SAbstractCache(ssize_t cacheSize)SAbstractCache [private]
SGenericCache(ssize_t cacheSize)SGenericCache [inline]
~SAbstractCache()SAbstractCache [private, virtual]
~SGenericCache()SGenericCache [inline, virtual]