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This is my first album of music. I would describe it as something like electronic/progressive/instrumental/rock music.

Most of the songs were composed between 2001 and 2002, though a couple of the pieces were originally written around 1994.

New Songs

Recent songs that are not yet part of an album. All songs composed and recorded by Dianne Hackborn. © 2006 Dianne Hackborn. All rights reserved.

September 1, 2006
A Growing Concern (6:15)

This song is about those big looming problems in the world, and our tremendous ability to pretend like they don't exist... but not forever.

Performed on the E-Mu Proteus 2000, E-Mu Emulator-X, Roland XV-5050, and Roland TD-8. Composed with Sequitur.

Dianne Kyra Hackborn <hackbod@angryredplanet.com>
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