Announcing a new student group
at Oregon State University:

The Evangelical Perv Association

A group dedicated to developing, supporting, and promoting the on-campus and local BDSM community, and perverts of all stripes.


Every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
J.C.'s Pizzaria -- on the corner of 3rd and Jefferson
(Upstairs in the back, at the table with the black balloon.)


Dianne Hackborn, Top Perv

Tauni Arntsen, Bottom Perv

Faculty Advisor:

Pat Kight

The Evangelical Perv Association was created to give a voice to the local Corvallis BDSM community. We are an out-growth of the existing Corvallis BDSM Munch, and include both student and community members. Our regular meetings occur every week, in conjunction with the munch.

Our constitution specifies that this group will work with other existing student and Corvallis groups, such as the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Alliance, to create social and educational events specifically targetted at the BDSM community. As with the rest of the BDSM scene, we emphasize consentuality and safety: the group is dedicated to making information available to those interested in the scene, to help them safely practice these activities and understand the issues of consentuality and communication which are central to what we do.

Some of the activities we have developed with the Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Alliance for this year's Queer Pride Week at Oregon State University include:

Monday, May 6th

Kate Bornstein: Cut 'N' Paste
A performance and reading on transgenderism and sadomasochism.

6:00pm at the Memorial Union Lounge.

(See <URL:> for more info.)

Tuesday, May 7th

The Corvallis "Nowhere Near Normals" BDSM Munch
A gathering of pervs, for food and conversation.

11:00am to 1:00pm at J.C.'s Pizzaria.

(See <URL:> for more info.)

Wednesday, May 8th

Mean in a Good Way: Proud Perverts Speak Out
A panel on BDSM with people in the local BDSM community.

6:00pm at Memorial Union 105

Thursday, May 9th

A BDSM Show-N-Tell
Local pervs show their toys and bondage tricks in the quad.

5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Queer Pride Tent in the quad.