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Released Programs

* GadOutline Library

Yet Another Layout Library.

This is a standard Amiga shared library which provides support for programmers creating resizable, font-sensitive graphical user interfaces. A one-time shareware fee of $20 US is asked of anyone who uses it in their program. This will allow you to include the library binary in your distributions and give you guilt-free support on the library.

The current release version is 2.4.
Version 3 should be out by... sometime. :) The current beta version, GadOutline v3.62, is now available from here as a LhA file. Please keep in mind that this is beta. Much of introductory documentation needs to be updated.

* ProgArgs Library

The easy way to get your arguments.

This is a shared library which provides a uniform interface to a program's CLI arguments, Workbench tool-types and arguments, and arguments stored in any text file.

The first release version, ProgArgs v1.2, is now available from here as an LhA file.

* PSM (Public Screen Manager)

Tool for managing Amiga public screens.

Based on GadOutline, this is a fairly complete tool for creating, deleting, viewing and modifying public screens. A shareware fee of $5 US is requested from anyone who regularily uses this program.

The current release version is 1.1.
An update to support GadOutline v3 will hopefully be released at some point. :)

Works In Progress

* DynScreen Library

Just what you always wanted: dynamic screens.

Another shared library with two related purposes in life. The primary one is to allow the user to define "dynamic" screens. (Ah, I can already see on your face complete understand that this amazing explanation has provided!) Dynamic screens are public screens which only exist when one or more other programs are using them; otherwise, they show up in the list of available public screens but remain closed to reduce clutter and memory use. The library's second purpose is to provide a convenient interface to programs which want to find out when screens in the system open, close, etc.

The first release probably won't be until mid '95.

* ClockHack

Because there are never enough title-bar clock programs.

Based on GadOutline, ProgArgs and DynScreen, this one has a nice GUI interface, can open clocks on any screens as they are created and removes clocks when screens are closed, supports a completely arbitrary clock using a variety of internal and locale formatters, and allows you to save your configuration of the clock in its icon.

The first release won't be until after DynScreen library is released.

* SysHack

Hack with the OS.

This is primarily a programmer's tool, for getting at and modifying the OS's internal information. I wrote this because I got sick of all the other tools which crashed my machine and were generally ugly to look at and use. This one uses GadOutline to support a full GUI interface which allows multiple active window to be open. All windows are dynamically updated as the data they are viewing changes.

The first release will be after GadOutline v3 is released.

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