Tempo Tap is used to record tempo information by tapping it with a MIDI keyboard, trigger, or some other MIDI device. Place the Tempo Tap FX after a MIDI input FX, arm the track for recording, and tap away.

Here's a step-by step walkthrough for using the Tempo Tap FX. The example begins after creating a new song and placing a single VST instrument track via the Tracks->Add MIDI Track command.

1. Select a MIDI input for any MIDI track -- do this by hovering over the In FX on the desired track, pressing the right mouse button, and choosing your MIDI keyboard or other input device from the list.
(your MIDI keyboard should now be the track's input)
2. Click on the FX tab in the browser...
3. ...and drag to the MIDI output pin of the FX you just created, then release the mouse and select Tempo Tap from the menu.
(there should now be a Tempo Tap FX after your MIDI input FX)
4. Arm the track for recording, which enables the song's record button.
5. Press the song record button.

Once you've completed these steps, repeatedly tapping any key of your MIDI keyboard should be translated into tempo information.